Friday, May 25, 2012

Trend Prediction

I feel bandana paisley is going to be the next best thing.  Now, I could be wrong.  You never know these things.  But I have been seeing it pop-up; from Stella McCarthy to Jil Sander to even Jack Spade.  We will see if this trend pops up.  For the picture; left to right: Jack Spade bandana wallet, Jil Sander blazer & short, and Stella McCarthy.  Pictures are courtesy of the designers. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fall Essentials 2012

I know; I'm jumping the gun here; but I can't help myself.  I love fall and winter clothing best.  It's just something about all that layering.  Sigh.  Is it Fall yet?  I hope summer flies by.  I truly detest the weather and fashion of summer.  So for all those who are in favor of the cooler months enjoy the fashion eye candy above and dream of cooler days.  Pictures are a courtesy of the websites listed below.  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Menswear for Women Part 5

Here's the next installment of my experiment.  I felt this outfit was if Steve McQueen met grunge.  It works.  Who doesn't love Steve McQueen's style.  To this day; his style is still relevant.  Perhaps in the near future; I will try a new thing with male style icons of the past with current fashion for women.  We will see....Picture on the left is a courtesy of 8i8i8i on tumbler.  The pictures on the right are a courtesy of the websites listed below.  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Trending: Stripes

You've probably noticed that practically every spring there are stripes.  Well, you're right.  Stripes are hot for spring and this year is no exception.  Above are a few examples of stripes to add to your wardrobe.  Go ahead you deserve a little stripe in your life.  Plus stripes are the new plaid.  Pictures are courtesy of the links provided below.