Thursday, March 15, 2012

Menswear for Women

I'm going to try something new.  Since I'm such a fan of menswear and I'm constantly on the hunt for menswear for myself.  I thought; I would share.  I don't mean menswear inspired for women.  I mean menswear that's for women.  So in keeping with the look of menswear but fits a women's body.  The picture on the left is a picture of a man in an outfit I am currently liking and on the right are the clothes for women in the same style but made for women.  Photo on the left is a courtesy of 8i8i8i on tumbler.  Below are the links to purchase the items; as well as the source of the product photos.

Top (left to right): Burberry oversize collar trench coat
                            Saint James Minquiers III tee
                            Barton trousers

Bottom (left to right): Super Panama optical black
                                Dieppa Restrepo Laura oxford

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