Friday, March 9, 2012

Polariod Z340 Instant Digital Camera

Polariod's newest instant generation.  This is the follow-up to Polariod's first instant digital camera, Pogo.  Although, the Pogo was nice.  It had some downfalls; including small pictures.  The newest edition has that remedied; instead of 2x3, it's 3x4.  No ink is required; just like the Pogo; the Z340 uses Zink paper which has the colors already embedded into the paper.  It's a 14 megapixel digital camera with choice of borders or borderless.  This would be great to have when you need prints right away; especially when you're in the fashion industry.  So all you fashionista's, fashion insider's, or just people who love fashion; get a hold of this.  I know; I will.

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